Visiting Goa Lawah Temple

Goa LawahIf you go to Bali, Seminyak is possibly your main destination to get relaxed at the beach club, swim in an infinity pool, do bungee jumping, and many others. After having fun at Seminyak, you may go to Klungkung to see the Goa Lawah Temple which is one of the most important temples in Bali. Are you interested in visiting Goa Lawah Temple?

Goa Lawah or Bat Cave is a holy place situated at Pessingahan village, Klungkung. It takes about 50 km to reach this point of interest from Denpasar. The distance between Goa Lawah Temple and Kusamba is just about three kilometers. People say that the main function of the Goa Lawah is to pray or do holy acivities (e.g. meditation).

Visiting this religious site will be one of your most memorable holiday activities because you can enjoy these activities:

Walk around the temple & cave. In this religious place, you’ll discover the beauty of nature because it is situated under the lush trees. Furthermore, you can also see thousands of bats inside.

Watch festivals. Hinduism or Balinese people hold religious festivals or ceremonies in this bat temple. Visitors are allowed to see the procession.

Taste Balinese foods. There are also a number of restaurants or food stalls where you can try Balinese cuisines during your trip. When you find it tiring to continue on your trip, get relaxed and try some tasteful meals there.

If you are about to make a visit to the Goa Lawah temple, you can ask for helps from guides for more information.

Make Your House Comfortable

When investing the majority of your own time at home would you feel relaxed? If you answer no, you’ve to create your home cozy, so you may enjoy spending your spare time. Do you understand what you must do? Utilize many guidelines below, in the event that you don’t:

living room ePlace decorative crops. Place ornamental crops, if you like to produce comfortable and organic environment. You could also place them your own house, if you like colorful blossoms. You’re highly recommended to go to that delivers numerous plants, like roses, lilies, orchids, tulips, and etc., if today, you’re searching for the best florist. For more information, click here.

Eliminate clutter and neat house things. Do you like placing your publications, magazines, cassettes, games, garments, and wires as you like? Since it just makes poor nuance should you choose, quit doing it. It is better eliminate clutter nicely and neat all house stuffs, like couch set, desk, cabinet, etc. request aids from your own family unit members if you wish to arrange stuffs, so you don’t load oneself.

Maintain all areas hygiene. Understand that if all areas are clear, you will get peace in your mind and convenience. Additionally, avoid overlooking dirty clothes and meals too much time since your home can be made by these smelled.

You need to substitute them with new versions quickly, if there are lots of damaged things. Bear in mind to purchase top quality and unique products just at trusted retailers. If you like to truly save some cash, get coupons and promotion codes.

Bouquets on Flower Advisor

Flower Advisor is the online store that offers a variety of goods ranging from birthday cake or a wedding anniversary cake, gift for valentine’s day, Eid parcel, parcel of Christmas, gifts for babies, beverages, fruit baskets designed with, and so forth.

Not just that, but additionally a web based shop that’s many divisions across like Canada, Hong-Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, and which means this makes new blossoms as its flagship product. What’re the passions they provide?

Bouquets2Sunflowers. This online store offers sunflower combined with baskets to decorate the living room table and some are combined with beautiful fabrics that can be given to loved ones.

Rose. Rose is really a flower that may be thought to possess a substantial monetary importance. Flowers expressed condolences, expressed enjoy, and will also be used to decorate your house, besides being used being an ingredient to make fragrance. It’s this that makes Bloom Counselor considering supplying new flowers with an extensive variety of colors and costs.

Tulip. Tulip is just a rose that’s within the household Liliaceous. The flower buds are generally seen as a top.

Want to get lilies, sunflowers, roses or fresh? Hurry visit Flower Advisor or Singapore site.


Keys to Live Happily

Live HappilyHappy life, surely everyone wants it. But unfortunately, not everyone can get it. Why? The reason is because they do not know the right strategy to be able to make it happen. Quoted from multiple sources, there are several key successes to get a happy life. What?

Balanced lifestyle. To get your happy life it is advisable to apply a balanced lifestyle. How?

  • Eat. Start of consumption, you ought to implement a healthy diet that is 3 times a day with the use of side dishes four of five perfectly healthy. This way, you will hopefully avoid digestive and health problems due to wrong diet.
  • Sleeping. Sleep is definitely needed by the body. Therefore, the bed can relax and make the body more refreshed upon waking. With notes, sleep duration should not exceed the recommended 7 to 8 hours a day. Because the diverse beauty problems and diseases such as dark circles on the eyes, dizziness, diabetes, and others will face when sleeping excessively.

Proper financial plan. The key is to make your life happier both for now and for the future is to set aside part of your income for financial planning, whether it’s saving money, buy insurance, or even to make an investment.’

Always handle stress wisely. Things that make you always feel unhappy and bored through life is excessive stress. For that, you are advised to have a strategy in order to stress that you are facing can be overcome by wise. In addition to amuse them by listening to music, reading books, doing premises confide in someone you trust, you can also cope with stress by way of a vacation to the quiet places.



Banks’ Factors to Give Money to Consumers

bank 2Lender is just a lender that seeks to supply comfort to all of its clients, particularly when it comes to budget loans kids to college, develop companies, or to even purchase a mortgage (or attention percentage present in the time loci iMoney Indonesia, iMoney MY, or iMoney Philippines).

Incidentally, what’re the factors once some budget will be lent by the lender to clients? Cited from many places, both typical state and individual banks may think about a few issues like the following:

  1. History. Not just that, the financial institution can also be occasionally learned about the real history of clients who’d use money particularly in big enough amounts. This background when it comes to the power of clients to pay for the mortgage promptly or never endured bad report of other banks has been doing fraud.
  2. Income. While he really wants to give cash to clients, usually the financial institution can make sure that the client possessed revenue exceeds the quantity of the mortgage. For the reason that sense, although the payments already paid, the remaining of the income towards the cost-of-living is very able.
  3. Guarantee. About The other-hand, the financial institution will even consider the security pledged by the client to use money. The financial institution might perform a study prior to confidence concerning the credibility. It might even be the price of the marketplace for these guarantees, sufficient to pay off your debt or not the customer when the customer struggles to pay.

Nevertheless, not totally all clients may obtain kindness lender. Much Like others, banks also don’t wish to lose simply because of the mistake in selecting customers. Carefulness, thoroughness, and consideration before providing factor that must definitely be completed from the lender to financing.

Tips on Saving Study in Abroad

tips hematStudy abroad, everyone would want it. Including you not? Give pride both for parents and for themselves, gain a lot of friends from different countries, as well as a great opportunity to easily accepted work will of course be obtained.

However, we all know that both tuition fees and living expenses are relatively expensive abroad could even exceed the cost offered in Indonesia. Therefore, when you become a student at one of the colleges abroad, saving a step that you can do to get around the high cost. The trick?

  • Diligent cook. Lazy habits you should avoid, especially in terms of cooking. Yes, it would be better if you are diligent cooking your own in a boarding house. In addition to the food line with expectations or your tongue, this is certainly going to save your consumption budget.
  • Rent a bicycle. Highly recommended if you pick a university that offers boarding. If not you can choose a boarding house which is located close to the university. It aims to minimize your transportation costs. However, if they can not choose or find, you can choose a boarding house that is a little far with records consider using a bicycle to transport. You need to know, you can rent a bike for 24 hours with only 2 pounds sterling only, not cheap enough?
  • Work part- time. Assumptions about saving not only with lead to minimize expenditure but also can add to your income. The point? Yes, you can work part- time in the UK, could be a servant restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, bookstores, tutor, flower sellers, or others.

Website Types

website typesWebsite is a collection of information pages that include images, icons, text, animation, or so to say to all the people around the world via the Internet. Once the extent of the reach of the website, was accompanied also by varying the type of existing websites. What is it?

  • Portal. This is an Internet service that offers information about sports news, weather, email, and so forth.
  • Blogs. Blog display a wide range of articles from creator of the blog. Over time, the blog is also used to promote a business.
  • News. Businessman newspapers or magazines generally have this website because it generally contains information about weather, finance, sports, or so forth.
  • Informational. As for the informational website, are generally used to notify information on taxes, vehicle, or other.
  • Marketing. Website marketing is very fitting for people who are in the business of buying and selling goods or services.
  • Social Network. In this website, one can share ideas, stories, photos, videos, etc. online or with another person who is registered in the friendship.


The Alias of Several Places in Indonesia

flower cityThe nickname is a nickname given to people, pets, or an object that has meaning or history of its own. In fact, the nickname also given to several regions in Indonesia. What is it?

Tapis city. This is the nickname of the City of Lampung. The reason for Tapis is woven fabric made ​​by Lampung resident of cotton yarn, yarn silver, or gold thread with natural motifs, flora, and fauna are created with embroidery system.

Pempek city. Pempek is the nickname of the City of Palembang. The reason is because pempek or foods made from sago and fish batter and eaten with vinegar both Palembang is a typical food.

Flower City. Thing that comes to mind is the Flower City Bandung. Exactly, Bandung is dubbed as the City of Flowers. Because, first of Bandung is a city filled with beautiful flowers and green trees.

City Veranda of Mecca. This name is given to the most base of the Indonesian region of Aceh to be exact. Because, Aceh is a prime area of Islam in the archipelago, an area that became the port for the Hajj entire archipelago.


Ingin Sewa Tongkang? Cari di

kapal tongkang6Kapal tongkang merupakan salah satu kapal yang cukup diperhitungkan, khususnya berdasarkan manfaatnya. Pasalnya, kapal ini dapat mengangkut muatan hasil tambang atau barang curah yang cukup mumpuni bahkan sampai 8000 MT.

Faktanya, harga beli kapal tongkang ini cukup mahal yakni sekitar 30 miliar untuk muatan 300 feet dan 27 miliar untuk muatan 270 feet (tahun 2012). Oleh kareanya, acap kali sebagian orang memilih untuk menyewa kapal tongkang.

Nah, untuk urusan sewa menyewa kapal tongkang, sebaiknya pertimbangkan untuk mencari dan memilih yang ditawarkan di Mengapa?

Milik perusahaan yang terpercaya. Situs yang menyewakan kapal tongkang ini dimiliki oleh perusahaan terpercaya atau tidak diragukan lagi keberadaanya, lebih tepatnya PT. Makmur Abadi Shipping Indonesia. Mengapa? Pasalnya perusahaan ini telah lebih dari 11 tahun menggeluti dunia angkutan laut.

Banyak pilihan angkutan. Tak hanya itu, kapal tongkang yang ditawarkan pun bervariasi, baik berdasarkan tahun pembuatan maupun berdasarkan ukuran tongkang atau muatan.

Banyak opsi sistem sewa. Para penyewa juga bisa memilih sistem sewa tongkang, ada yang per ton per volume, ada yang per bulan, dan ada pula per satu kali jalan.


Cara Simpel Mencintai Tanah Air

indonesiaBanyak sekali orang Indonesia yang ternyata jelas-jelas mengaku tidak mencintai tanah air atau negeri Indonesia ini.

Mereka berkata bahwa mereka menyesal menjadi bagian dari warga Negara ini. Padahal jelas-jelas mereka lahir di tanah air ini. Betapa ironisnya.

Terutama, buat kamu pelajar, jangan sampai tertanam dalam hati kamu pemikiran seperti disebutkan di atas.

Pastikan kamu menjadi pribadi yang cinta tanah air dan punya rasa patriotisme yang tinggi. Jangan susah-sudah menunjukkannya. Kamu bisa mulai membuktikan dengan tiga cara di bawah ini:

Pertama, mulailah mencintai produk Indonesia. Say no pada produk luar negeri, semenarik apapun produk tersebut.

Kedua, ikuti upacara bendera dengan baik. Saat upacara pastikan hanya satu hal yang ada dalam pikiran kamu yaitu darah para pahlawan dahulu dalam memperjuangkan kemerdekaan Indonesia. Percaya, kamu akan menangis dan rasa cintamu pada tanah air akan bertambah.

Ketiga, belajar apapun tentang Indonesia. Kamu bisa mulai sedikit demi sedikit, mulai dari sejarahnya, lalu ke budayanya, dst.




What Can You Do with Your Large Kitchen?

large kitheDo you have a large kitchen? Just be happy if you do. There you can do many things, like:

Having large kitchen you can buy many kitchen appliances, kitchen furniture and other kitchen items. There will be no problem to do that.

Besides, you can also buy large kitchen items. The space can meet it, right? Want a big portable dishwasher? Want a large refrigerator? Want a large kitchen cabinet? Want a long countertop with dozens drawers and shelves? You can buy them.

In addition, you can do many activities in the kitchen very comfortably. You will cook happily and comfortably. You can cook with your kids. You even don’t need to enlarge the kitchen anymore if someday you want to run a food business.

Besides, if you’re a person who works at home but not running a food business, you can even become your large kitchen an alternative place to work. Bring your laptop there and start working.

Mistakes in Buying a Car

Mistakes in Buying a CarMore and more people realize the importance of a car for their daily life. With a car, they no longer need to bother themselves to find a public transportation when they’re required to go to a particular place. No wonder why the number of car dealers is getting higher and also many people purchase it.

Well, if you also plan to buy a car, too, don’t forget to keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Not doing research. Research is really important to help you find the best offer. You can choose among popular car manufacturers by considering car design, car model, and price, and so forth.
  2. Not considering used car. To cut down some expense, you should consider buying a used car? Why not? Not all used cars are bad and poor. You have to choose one of available options very carefully. Ask about its year of release, previous damage, etc.

Let’s Stay in Villas of PT Dream Estate

krandanganWant to spend your upcoming holiday in Lombok, Indonesia? I suggest you to rent one of villas owned by PT Dream Estate. That company has cheap villas that are fully equipped and comfortable. Here is the list of the villas:

  • Studio villa (60 sqm). It costs you only about $1200 / night; while the facilities are 1 bedroom (double bed), 1 shower room and toilet, 1 extra toilet, living room, kitchenette, shared outdoor pool, terrace, garden, and BBQ facility.
  • Krandangan (80 sqm). The rate is about $140 / night. The facilities are the same with the studio, but it has two bedrooms and a dining area.
  • Krandangan private (88 sqm). The rate is $180 per night; while the facilities are the same with Krandangan, but there is no dining room available.

Besides, there are also WINE, BoJan, dan Carpediem villas. To book Villa of PT Dream Estate, you can check here.

Kelebihan Hotel Madani Medan

Hotel Madani MedanDi Jalan Sisingamangaraja/Amaliun No. 1, Medan, dekat Masjid Raya Medan terdapat sebuah hotel bintang 4 yang bernama Hotel Madani Medan. Hotel ini dapat ditempuh selama kurang lebih 1 jam dari Bandara Internasional Kuala Namu Medan. Apa kelebihan hotel yang memiliki 100 unit kamar ini? Temukan jawabanya di bawah ini:

Menyediakan fasilitas hotel yang memadai. Fasilitas di Hotel Madani Medan adalah restoran, ruang rapat, ruang santai, salon, café, spa, taman, kedai kopi, dan toko.

Menawarkan tipe kamar yang beragam. Ada tujuh tipe kamar yang bisa dipilih di hotel ini, yaitu Superior, Deluxe, Executive Deluxe, Executive Suite, Family Suite, Madani Suite, dan Royal Suite. Setiap tipe kamar dilengkapi dengan shower, bak mandi, TV, ruang tamu, dan akses internet. Tarif kamar juga bervarisi sesuai dengan tipe kamar yang dipilih. Adapun kisaran tarif kamar per malam mulai dari 505 ribu rupiah sampai 2 juta 9 ratus ribu rupiah.

Well, jika ingin liburan ke Medan dan mencari hotel bintang 4 yang tepat, pilihlah Hotel Madani Medan.

Isi Liburan dengan Kegiatan yang Bermanfaat

liburan232Apa yang Anda lakukan saat akhir pekan atau liburan? Mengunjungi tempat-tempat bersejarah, mengunjungi tempat-tempat yang eksotis, mengunjungi wisata menantang, mengunjungi wisata edukasi, atau mengunjungi wisata budaya. Terlepas dari apa pun pilihan Anda, tidak ada salahnya jika Anda mencoba mengisi akhir pekan dengan kegiatan yang bermanfaat. Apa saja?

Tambah penghasilan dengan berbisnis. Daripada menghabiskan uang di hari libur mending Anda manfaatkan untuk menambah penghasilan. Dengan cara apa? Yup, dengan berbisnis misalnya bisnis online, bisnis kuliner, bisnis pulsa, atau lain sebagainya.

Ikuti kegiatan belajar. Tidak ada salahnya, jika Anda mengikuti kegiatan belajar saat berlibur misalnya les seni tari, les musik, les melukis, les komputer, atau lain sebagainya. Selain menarik, ini akan menambah wawasan Anda, bukan?

Kembangkan hobi dan bakat. Anda juga bisa memanfaatkan waktu liburan dengan mengembangkan hobi dan bakat Anda. Jika Anda, hobi memasak, coba Anda gali info lebih banyak di internet atau dibuku tentang resep-resep baru yang bisa Anda coba.

Yang Bikin Cowok Ilfil

ilfil2Nggak mau bikin pacar / cowok kamu ilfil saat pacaran sama kamu? Hindari hal-hal di bawah ini:

Suka membandingkan. Banyak cewek yang suka membanding-bandingkan dirinya dengan wanita lain. Mereka selalu bilang kalau mereka kurang inilah, kurang itulah. Mereka bilang kalau orang lain lebih baik. Cowok kamu akan ilfil kalau kamu melakukan hal ini. Ia lebih senang kalau kamu pede dan barsyukur. Kalau emang kamu punya masalah bekas jerawat, cari aja cara menghilangkan bekas jerawat, jangan banyak bicara.

Cengeng. Cewek memang kebanyakan cengeng. Namun, tahukah kamu kalau sebenarnya cowok ilfil lihat cewek nangis terus. Mereka lebih suka cewek yang kuat dan selalu ceria.

Cerewet. Cewek juga identik dengan sifat cerewetnya, tapi btw, cowok juga ilfil kalau pacarnya terlalu cerewet sampai mengomentari hal-hal yang sebenarnya nggak perlu dikomentari.

Selalu tanya penampilan. Mungkin, kamu nggak pernah membandingakn diri kamu dengan orang lain, namun kalau kamu nggak berhenti tanya penampilan kamu dengan pacar kamu ia juga akan ilfil, apalagi kalau kamu termasuk cewek yang mudah tersinggung, yang gampang marah kalau dibilang jelek.


Mengapa Anda Sebaiknya Tidak Kencan Online?

Kencan Online2Internet benar-benar membawa perubahan bagi kehidupan manusia dewasa ini. Selain untuk mencari informasi dan melakukan jual beli, internet juga memungkinkan pengguna untuk bertemu dengan pasangan hidup baik itu melalui jejaring sosial atau situs kencan online. Apa pendapat Anda mengenai hal ini?

Well, kencan online memang terasa menyenangkan karena Anda bertemu orang baru tanpa perlu repot-repot berdandan untuk ketemuan. Di samping itu, kencan online juga lebih hemat biaya. Namun, Anda harus sangat berhati-hati apalagi jika ingin meneruskan hubungan dari kencan online tersebut.

Faktanya, banyak sekali pandangan tentang kontra atau sisi negatif dari kencan online ini. Pertama yaitu rasa ketidahtahuan antara ke dua belah pihak. Mengenal seseorang lewat internet tidak menjamin ia sebenarnya seperti itu baik dari fisik atau sifat. Anda akan sangat kecewa jika ia yang menjadi pujaan ternyata aslinya tidak tampan, tidak romantis, dan kriteria apapun seperti yang dibayangkan.

Kedua, menjalanai hubungan secara online cenderung membosankan dan monoton. Tidak seperti kencan sungguhan yang mana Anda bisa bercanda bareng langsung dan melihat ekspresi masing-masing.

Ingin Masa Depan Cerah? Lakukan Rencana Keuangan Ini

financial planSetiap orang tentunya ingin mendapatkan masa depan cerah dan bahagia. Namun, untuk mendapatkan hal tersebut tentu tidak semudah membalikkan telapak tangan. Perlu kemauan yang keras dan dilanjutkan dengan usaha yang maksimal. Rencana keuangan merupakan salah satu usaha yang bisa Anda lakukan untuk mendapatkannya.

Arisan. Salah satu rencana keuangan sederhana yang bisa Anda lakukan adalah dengan mengikuti arisan dengan teman kantor atau tetanggamu. Selain bisa merencanakan keuangan, arisan juga bermanfaat sebagai ajang bersosialisasi atau silaturahmi.

Proteksi. Tidak selamanya Anda muda, pasti akan ada hari tua yang menjemput. Jangan biarkan hari tua Anda merana atau masih disibukkan bekerja untuk mendapatkan sesuap nasi. Hari tua seyogyanya hari yang hanya tinggal menikmati hasilnya saja. Nah, untuk mendapatkan hal ini tentunya Anda harus melakukan rencana keuangan, seperti proteksi asuransi jiwa untuk mendapatkan dana pensiun.

Tabungan. Tidak ada salahnya jika Anda menyisihkan sebagian dari pendapatanmu untuk ditabung. Selain bermanfaat untuk masa yang akan datang, tabungan ini bermanfaat jika Anda ada kebutuhkan tak terduga.





ATVQI have loved adventuring with an ATV since two years ago when I accidentally visited my friend’s city and explored a rough terrain there using an ATV. I feel that using an ATV is the most interesting and cool activity.

At first, I only rented that vehicle if I wanted to adventure. For this, I had no problem because nowadays there are many people that run ATV rental businesses, especially in the locations where people love to adventure using that type of vehicle.

Five months ago, I felt unsatisfied of just renting it. I wanted to own it so I could put it on my house and take care of it myself. I took my saving and bought one. By the way, they price was almost $10000 and with the money I got complete ATV parts.

Now, I have my own ATV. What an amazing thing! I’ll adventure with it more.